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January 17, 2015
The Club is currently conducting a survey regarding 
participation for the spring season. 
An email notice was sent to former players. 

If you are new to this site and would like some 
information please email

To join our mailing list about next season send an
email to
If you've played before we have your email already but
let us know if you've changed it.

Atom & Mite ages can always sign up. 
Call the Hotline and we'll get you started. 


Howell Twp requires all coaches to undergo a background check but a satisfactory background check for any club in Howell is good for every club in Howell. 
If you need a background check the instructions are here


Snack Stand Volunteers
We will not call to remind you. There is a notebook in the 
Snack Stand. (Be sure to pick the Hockey book.) 
Pick a timeslot on a Sunday, do the time and you're done. 
The shifts are 2 hours. You can split it up, do it on one day, work as a husband/wife team, whatever.

Gentlemen, and ladies, 
Please be dressed and ready to start the games on 
time. Barring wet rinks, the clock is going to start when 
it is scheduled to. 
Also, the first games of the day require a little setup, 
the last games need a little cleanup. Participation is encouraged.

In any sport you should always play hard but remember what 
Coach Neal always said, 
"Let's Keep It Fun Out There!!!

Remember that we are always dependent on the condition of the 
rinks and the weather in the south part of Howell. Any rain has to
stop and the surface has to be dry. 
If it's questionable and you don't hear from your coach or 
team parent, check the Hotline - 886-8855.

P.O. Box 282
Howell, NJ 07731
(732) 886 - 8855